"BOT-LINE" Plant Identification Service

"BOT-LINE" is a free service that we provide to anyone with plant identification questions. It's simple, just email us a photo (or photos) of a plant you're having difficulty identifying, and we'll do our best to tell you what it is! With your photograph, please include any information you can about the region/state, habitat, associated species, growth form, approximate date of photo, and any other pertinent information that you have. Please make sure your photo is formatted as a jpg, gif or tiff file.

If possible, please send several photos. Try to capture leaves, flowers, fruiting structures, etc.as well as a photo of the whole plant. However, we realize that you may not always have more than one photo available.

While we welcome submissions from any geographical location in the U.S. and will do our best to identify your plant for you, our expertise is generally limited to the region that lies between Colorado and West Virginia from east to west and between Minnesota and Arkansas from north to south.

You can send your photos to:

If you need help identifying pressed specimens, you can mail them to us at the address shown below. Given time constraints, it may take one to two weeks for us to return them to you. This is a free service for up to 10 specimens. A nominal fee is charged for more than 10 specimens, please call or email us for details.

Disclaimer: All photos that you send to us for identification will remain your property and we will not use them for any purpose.

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