Student Reviews

Here are a few examples of what past students have said about our botany classes:

"I have taken approximately eight wetland or plant i.d. related courses and I've never learned or retained as much information as I have taking this one. Excellent!" — Patti. M., Insight Environmental Services

"I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to get started identifying wetland plants. Excellent instructors — great teaching styles and enjoyable people. Good memorization cues." — Steve S., Indiana Department of Transportation

"This was a wonderful class. It exceeded all my expectations. I am leaving this class with a solid foundation of wetland flora that I feel I will be able to build on." — Joe B., Wight and Co.

"By concentrating on vegetative characters [IBT] has created the plant taxonomy class that botanists have never had." — Steve L., Marshall Miller & Associates

"This class/workshop was very thorough and the instructors were entertaining. I look forward to attending additional classes next summer." — Matt V., JFNew

"This class helped me to differentiate between Solidagos and Asters, something I've struggled with for a long time. This class was very educational with much needed comic relief." — Kelly B.

"The grasses, rushes and sedges were intimidating until I took this class." — Nathan W., Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians

"The class was informative, fun and unique. It was very applicable to the common plants encountered in delineation. — Justin B., Burns and McDonnell

"I never realized the connection between nature and the flux capacitor." — Gary G., JFNew

"Great opportunity to refine, reinforce and extend your knowledge, no matter what your starting point." — Bryan H., DePauw University

"This class was very helpful, especially for someone with no experience with plants. I certainly feel that I have a better comprehension and feel more comfortable in the field." — Michelle M., TBIRD Design Services Corporation

"[The workshop] was a great reinforcer of some of the things I already knew, but also really helped me to better understand groups I'd never fully understood before (Cornus, Fraxinus, Graminoids)." — John L., The Nature Conservancy

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