Our Mission

Promoting the stewardship of our natural environment through field-based botanical services.


Our 2015 Workshop Schedule is now available! Click here for details.  (Nov 12 2014)


The Institute of Botanical Training, LLC is an independent organization that provides comprehensive workshops for persons seeking on-the-job plant identification skills. Our classes are especially suited for professionals such as biologists, environmental consultants, foresters and naturalists. However, workshops are open to anyone interested in learning to identify plants.

The primary objective of the Institute of Botanical Training is to provide a variety of educational workshops that enable participants to quickly and accurately identify plants in the field. During our classes, we strive to teach as many plants as possible without overwhelming the student. This is achieved by encouraging familiarity with the flora through repetition and various exercises. Ultimately, participants gain a strong working knowledge of the flora without needing to rely heavily on notes and field guides.

The second objective of the Institute of Botanical Training is to develop and promote field-based botanical knowledge through the publication and distribution of educational material. This takes the form of keys, field guides and our free, email-based, plant identification service, "BOT-LINE".

We offer a variety of standard and customized botanical training workshops. Check the Course Schedule to see a list of dates and locations. Workshop topics have included:

  • Wetland Flora
  • Midwestern Flora
  • Advanced Wetland Flora
  • Prairie Flora
  • Grasses, Sedges and Rushes
  • Ozarks Upland Flora
  • Tree Identification

Workshop Schedule

May 18-May 22 • Rolla, MO
Ozarks Flora Workshop ($700)

Jun 1-Jun 3 • St. Louis, MO
Grasses, Sedges and Rushes Workshop ($700)

Jun 15-Jun 18 • Hastings, MI
Wetland Flora Workshop ($700)

Jun 29-Jul 2 • Des Moines, IA
Wetland Flora Workshop ($700)

Jul 13-Jul 16 • Indiananpolis, IN
Wetland Flora Workshop ($700)

You can learn how to register to attend one of our sessions by clicking the REGISTER link. SPACES ARE LIMITED, SO REGISTER EARLY!

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